Bodi Aduhay Bohay: Mojang Sunda Bahenol Nerkom

                             Ilustrasi: Ini mah pasustri asli Sunda pake kostum penari Bali

Spesial untuk urang Sunda dan yang mengaku cinta bahasa karuhun.
Mangga geura ieu tengetan: 

1. Spending a lot of time with doing nothing = Ngajedog

2. Got hit by a truck that is moving backward = Katabrak treuk

3. Talk too much about unimportant things = Ngacapruk

4. Fall backward and then hit own head = Ngajengkang

5. Falling forward and may hit own face = Tikusruk

6. A small sharp thing, embedded inside one finger's skin = Kasura

7. Have much less knowledge = Belegug

8. A little chair made from woods = Jojodog

9. People who always annoy other people = Si Kehed

1o. Man or woman who has an ugly face = Goreng patut

1i.Just take rest but didn't sleep = Gogoleran

12.Meals made from rice which is covering by banana leaf and have much of surprise inside =    Leupeut

13. The situation when your brain need more oxygen = Heuay

14. A woman who have hillarious body like a Spanish guitar Bahenol nerkom

15. People who have thought more mature than her age = Kokolot begog

16. A Type of People Who Have a Long Chin = Cameuh

17. A something that can radiate the sparkling light = Buricak Burinong

18. A very small plate, usually used for pad of coffee cup = Pisin

19. There's a little something disgusting in your eyes = Cileuh

2o. That moment when you walking after the rain of your shoes = Jeblog.

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