The Legend Of Komodo

Ismail Marzuki, Jumat 16 Juni 2023

Athena Qania, cucu Manini akan membacakan puisi ini. Doakan lancarjaya ya Bestie....

The Legend Of Komodo

In the heart of Indonesia,

A land of beauty and wonder,

There lives a creature,

Majestic and grand.

The Komodo Dragon,

A creature of myth and legend,

With scales of earthy hues,

And eyes of fire.

A creature of ancient wisdom,

And fearsome power,

The Komodo Dragon,

A true Indonesian treasure.

Roaming the rugged terrain,

And dense forests of Komodo,

The Komodo Dragon,

A symbol of strength and pride.

You roam with grace, 

With every step, the ground trembles in awe,

As you unveil the beauty, a primal allure.

Your form, robust and powerful, from head to tail,

A creature of wonder, a living ancient tale,

Your scales, a mosaic of earth's vibrant hues,

Reflect the essence of Indonesia's mystic views.

A creature of wonder,

A living legend,

The Komodo Dragon,

A sight to behold.

May we all work together,

To protect this amazing creature,

And ensure its survival,

For generations to come.

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